I love retelling of fairytales. "The Third Wish" makes a comment on the hubris of humankind (and the desperate need to control our fate) by juxtaposing the lesser known fable of the wish-granting Gold Fish and a modern tale.

The Gold Fish will grant three wishes to the fisherman who has captured him in exchange for his freedom. But the fisherman's wife dares to ask for too much. In the same way, a techno-nerd boy in the 21st century who lives life only through his computer gets a lesson in humility by being visited by the "The Superior Reason", who is an an embodiment of all wisdom humanity has been able to store online... as well as that which they didn't.

As both the voice of the Gold Fish and the Superior Reason itself, I was left carte blanche to create a character from scratch with virtually no human references in my choices. The freedom to craft a complete new language and use my actor's voice and physicality without referencing traditional parameters was creatively amazing.