Spike Team

Madame A, an unscrupulous businesswoman, controls Evertown, a city without green in which sport is no longer practiced. The only land yet to be conquered is the one on which stands the Spikersfield College, but, as it isn't for sale, she attempts to kill the owner Armand Alea. The will of the man, however, states that, in order to take possession not only of the land and the school, but also of the Torch of Olympia, preserved in the museum of the institute, the potential buyers must participate in a volleyball tournament, the Cup Alea. Against Madame A's team, the Black Roses, there's the Spike Team, formed by Jo, Victoria, Beth, Patty, Susan, and Ann Mary, coached by Lucky, a former champion. Thanks to the tournament, the six girls not only discover their strengths and weaknesses, but also the special virtues that, represented by six gems, are able to re-ignite the Olympic flame.


Carlo is translating and adapting the third series of the popular cartoon by Olympic Volleyball player Andrea Lucchetta, airing in Italy on Rai 2.


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