Chasing Icarus

by Carlo Bosticco & Matt Randall

Chasing Icarus is a baroque folk-tronica musical set in eighteenth century Rome, the age of Handel and the birth of contemporary opera; a comedy-of-errors-meets-high drama.

The Vatican forbid women to sing publicly (whether in church or on stage) and the Castrati were the true divas and celebrities of the time: men who had been castrated in childhood to preserve the angelic purity of the soprano-treble voice (women and men both were reported to faint in the aisles of the theatres at the aching beauty of their song). The extreme popularity of these singers meant that hundreds of boys were operated upon every year, often sourced from destitute families who would sell them for a profit or in the hope to give them a chance at something better in life. Those who survived had the possibility to ascend amongst the real superstars of their times. Fame never came at a higher price.

Chasing Icarus is the story of one such young man... 


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"Stories Untold" was selected by the Symphony Orchestra of Guiyang in Sichuan province, China, as exemplary of contemporary musical theatre work in the review "A night at Broadway".

Carlo Bosticco And Matt Randall's score made its debut right next to hits by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Stephen Sondheim. 

Click below to watch Carlo Bosticco duet with Chinese star Aveta Chen.