BCD presents a bleak post-apocalyptic world where the State , in the name of order, tightly regulates all aspects of the life of its citizens, including reproduction and sexual intercourse. With an iron-strong moral compass, any "deviation" from the expected and well-accepted norm is expunged and obliterated. Adulterers are criminals and homosexuality is punishable by death.

In the midst of this rigid chaos, a few dare to rebel and create an underground club scene, run by the mysterious maitre "M". Indulging in seditious cabaret performances and licentious liaisons, they believe they are simply letting off steam, but when the government infiltrates their idillic world the fight becomes inevitable.

I played the cabaret performer "Dante", a sweet and positive soul in stark contrast with the grittiness of the world. Garish and defiant, he dares to cross-dress and gender-bend in the name of art and creativity. 

My solo was a fan-dance. In high heels... After that I can tackle anything!